Language Learning Is Innate Or Learned Through Social Interactions

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There is consistent debate as to whether language learning is innate or learned through social interactions (Atwood, 2016). This is the nature versus nurture debate, in which the nativist view states that language is built in whereas the social interactionist view states that exposure to practice is required for language learning (Atwood, 2016). In my perspective, social interactions are vital for children to develop their language abilities. There are various social factors which come into play to assist a child in learning, for example, culture, conventions, and other social interactions (Forrester, 2008). The more a child is exposed to situations where he or she is required to speak and think about their response, the more practice they…show more content…
The probability of the child being capable of producing self-repairs is dependent on the factor that the adult does not respond, for instance, the child is looking for cues, and actions to respond, if there is no response this may act as a cue that a word was used incorrectly (Forrester, 2008). In this analysis, I was initially looking to find an interaction between an adult and a child that would demonstrate how the way an adult interacts and creates an appropriate environment for the child to learn. For example, I was looking for how the way adults’ change the way they speak when talking to a child in comparison to talking to an adult, known as infant-directed speech. This was clearly evident in the conversations I observed with a mother and her three daughters, but I noticed in their social interactions that the mother was also trying to correct her children, and the children were also correcting themselves when they made a mistake. The way the children were corrected by others and corrected themselves may be why they have such an extensive vocabulary at a young age. After watching numerous videos of this Youtuber, who posts daily videos which including her three daughters, I realized that perhaps it is these interactions and the corrections which helped her children in their language abilities. There were also differences in the way the repairs were done depending on the
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