Language Of Haitian Voodoo

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Most Haitians are Christians who practice within the catholic faith, 7th day Adventist, Protestants, Jehovah witnesses and more. In contrast to being Christians, many Haitians practices Voodoo. Within this belief, they practice rituals to help bind the body and the soul. Voodoo is a form of magic described by many Haitians as a former form of healing and meditation of the troubled spirit. Many Haitians also proceed to explain that the magic of voodoo have evolved to a form of black magic, where those who practices it take haughtiness aim to cause harm to their enemies. The native language of Haiti is Haitian Creole. This is a language that was created from the different tribes in Africa that was brought to Haiti as slaves. To communicate with each other, they were left with no choice but to create a common way understanding. In the Haitian Creole language, there is a vast number of different sounds within the dialect. The sounds are used as an exaggeration to the meaning of the word. An example of this is saying “anmey”, which is usually screamed out as a cry for help. Because of the electrical services supply in Haiti, most native especially those of low socioeconomic status leaves their house early morning near sunrise to return by sunset. It has been said that in recent year, the electricity company E.D.H, has been turning on the power mostly at night time to ensure the security of the Haitian population and facilitate the life of student who come home and have to do

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