Language Policies Of The And The Background Behind Those Policies

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Jeremy Ureta
Ling 472
Prof. Klein
First Draft This paper will be focusing on the language policies in schooling districts located in Texas. Since this state is on the border of Mexico there is a large influx of immigrants that have either very little or no knowledge of English. However, before going deeper into this topic it is important for everyone to understand where their own language policies are started as a whole and how they are changing now. So in the following sections this paper will discuss the assimilationist and pluralism views. This paper will also be looking over the language policies in Texas and the background behind those policies. The third section will be discussing the implications and ideologies behind these policies. Finally, the last section will be discussing the differences between Texas’ language policies and another states’ policies. The purpose of this paper is to understand the change of language policies in Texas from before until now.
There are two different views in which the American people can view their policies, and that is the pluralistic and assimilationist view. We will first be discussing assimilationists and their views. Assimilationists make a point where the States were founded on principles of being a free nation where people can immigrate to the U.S. and immerse themselves in the ‘American Dream’. However, in order to do this the immigrants would need to throw away all their previous identities completely and take up…
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