Language Produced By Typical Developing Children

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The purpose of this study is to examine written language produced by typical developing children in Grades 2 through 4. The researchers examined two common academic discourse genres, narrative and expository by analyzing, microstructure and macrostructure of student writing samples. Overall, the researchers are examining the progression of linguistic elements and expository writing development in school-age children’s narratives. Speech language pathologists have a duty to analyze and assess clients who might have a writing disorder. This study applies to communication disorders because in order to know what abnormal is a therapist must study from typical language developing children. By creating baselines and normative data the therapist can then compare and contrast the client to his or her peers. This study will help both clinicians and educators understand the fundamentals of the developing writer and validate, reliable assessment methods. The study will examine microstructure and macrostructure in narrative and expository writing samples produced by elementary school students. This study extends from previous studies and will add onto the existing literature. The study looks at the development and relations among typical writers while looking at microstructure and macrostructure of a child’s writing separately in two different discourses. A total of 93 students initially recruited but by the end of the study only 89 completed the study. The four students left
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