Language Programming Languages Based On The File Handling Features

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Jeevan Chandrashekar
University Of Alabama In Hunstville
Huntsville,AL I. ABSTRACT

This paper talks about different programming language paradigm features. Paper mainly focuses on contrasting and comparing and the four different programming languages based on the File Handling features. The programming languages which are discussed in this paper are from different paradigm which includes imperative (Python), object-oriented (Java), functional (Lisp) and logical (Prolog). This paper discusses about a common feature called Boolean expressions used in different programming languages example: Java, Python, Prolog, Lisp. The paper does this by considering some basic concepts like Syntax, Semantics, Readability, writability, reliability, its Implementation and its Evolution in different programming languages and how they are similar or different. In addition it describes about the merits and demerits of the way they are using in different languages. Finally, it concludes with author opinion on each language by the way it uses this feature.

Boolean expressions; Programming language; Syntax; Semantics; Readability; writeability; reliability;


There are some important aspects used in this paper before understanding what’ s written in the paper first we must try to understand few basic definitions.

Imperative Paradigm: It is the most dominant paradigm of all the

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