Language Related Task Assignment 1 Celta

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CELTA WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT 1 LANGUAGE RELATED TASKS Look at the sentences below and identify the following: the verb form and structure the meaning (contrast the vocabulary items in number 4) possible student difficulties (in terms of form, meaning and phonology) a likely context through which you could teach the language (who says this sentence to whom and why?) check questions you might ask to check understanding (think about this in relation to your answer for b), your analysis of the function/meaning). The plane leaves at 10.00 tomorrow. If I had a lot of money, I’d buy a boat. You should go to the doctor. She’s a stranger / She’s a foreigner. I’ve just had lunch. I’m going to visit my aunt tomorrow. Example: I’m seeing the doctor…show more content…
(M) Students may struggle to pronounce I'd and not understand it is the contraction of "I would" (Ph) Students may have difficulty pronouncing "buy" and may confuse this with "by" omitting the vowel 'u' (Ph) Context applied in teaching Ask students what they would do with their money if they had just won a million pounds CCQ's Is this talking about the the past or the future? (Future) Will it definitely happen? (No) Do you need a lot of money to buy a boat? (Yes) You should go to the doctor. Verb form and structure Present conditional Subject+ modal auxillary verb (‘should’) + infinite base form of verb 'to go' ('without 'to') Meaning Used to give advice or a suggestion. Possible student difficulties Students may conjugate the base form of the verb without needing to (F) Students may use the wrong modal verb (e.g: might) (F) Students may not understand that it is a suggestion and not an order (M) Students may perceive it as a definite event (M) Students may pronounce the silent 'l' in "should" (Ph) Students may put the stress on the 2nd syllable of "doctor" (Ph) Context applied in teaching Someone has had an accident and asks you what they

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