Language Related Task Assignment

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Name: Nuzhat Khan Date: 21/04/2015
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Language Assignment
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Assignment criteria
For this assignment, candidates can demonstrate their learning by:
a. Analysing language correctly for teaching purposes.
b. Correctly using terminology relating to meaning, phonology and form when analysing language.
c. Accessing reference materials and referencing information they have learned about language to an appropriate source.
d. Using written language that is clear, accurate and appropriate to the task.
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e) Providing a context/conveying meaning
Bob was driving home and was stopped by a policeman. He was speeding and the policeman told him that he would be given a ticket. Bob got very angry and called the policeman a monkey. The policeman arrested him and he spent the night in jail. When Bob told me what happened, I told him that… “He shouldn’t have insulted the policeman”

f) Checking Understanding:
Past, Present, Future? Past
Did he insult the policeman? Yes
Was it the right thing to do? No
Should he have done it? No

g) Reference:
“English Grammar in Use”, Raymond Murphy (CUP, 1985) , Last accessed 20 April 2015


Target statement: He takes after his mother (Pre-Intermediate)

d) Anticipated problems
a) Meaning
To look or behave like an older member of the family, especially a parent, or to follow someone’s example Students might take the word “take” literally i.e. to grab
Students may also think “takes after” means to follow as in, run after, chase
b) Pronunciation stress would normally fall on after i.e. He takes after
Weak form “after” used: / ˈɑːftə /
Phonemic script: / hi teɪks ˈɑːftə
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