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“I’ve been waiting here for 20 minutes ” We often use the present perfect progressive to talk about actions continuing up to now, especially when we say how long they (the action) have lasted. But after teaching present perfect continuous to the students, we need to check the concept very carefully. Some students might have problems understanding present perfect continuous tense because they will be confused between using present continuous and present perfect continuous. As the present continuous is easy to use, some students may use present tense to express their ideas. But the problem is we do not use present tense to say how long the action has lasted. For example: Instead of saying, “It has been snowing since Tuesday”,…show more content…
‘A mug’ Lexis is a powerful carrier of meaning. Beginners often manage to communicate in English by using the accumulative effect of individual words. Whenever they find a new word they translate it in their own language or try to find out what already exist in their own language. The long list of words and their translations in our exercise book somehow always seem to defy memory rather than fit comfortably in our everyday use. Lexical items live within their own language, and though a dictionary translation can give an introduction to the meaning of a word, it never really shows us the secret of how it exists within its language. Very often we can find three or four meanings of the word for example as homonym. Students most of the time have problems with various meaning of a word. So, it is really important to clarify the meaning of a word in the classroom. Context: Adam is in his friend Sue’s house. Sue: “Do you want some tea?” Adam: “Give me ‘a mug’. I will make my tea.” Mug has more than one meaning in the dictionary. If students search the word in the dictionary they will find three or four meanings and will be confused of what does ‘a mug ‘ mean. In dictionary ‘mug’ means ‘face/appearance’, ‘a gullible person’ and ‘ rob in a public place’ though in some cases it’s not formal. Student might have problem understanding the word. So we need to make it clear that the student
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