Language Speech and Communication

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SPEECH LANGUAGE AND COMMUNICATION An explanation of : * Communication can be either verbal or written. Communication can also be seen by facial expressions, gesture and body language. In addition to the words, messages are transferred by the tone and quality of voice and eye contact. * Speech is vocalised language; it cannot be written or signed. Different children progress with speech in different ways and different stages. Sometimes speech can be slurred or not pronounced in the correct manner. * Language can be spoken written or signed. The age and the pace at which a child reaches each milestone of language development vary greatly among children. Children begin by pointing at objects and saying one word such as ‘’…show more content…
Taking a child to a social group could also help the child so that they are interacting with different children. • An explanation of how levels of speech and language development vary between children entering early years provision and need to be taken into account during settling in and planning. Levels of speech can vary between children because they could they may not speak the language spoken to them, or maybe their age or a different additional need such as stuttering. They will need to be taken into account in the correct way, such as a settling in plan with the key worker to make the child feel comfortable and secure. They will need to spend time with their key career before any separation from their parents or adults on their visits. Grouping children can also help the children so that they are sharing their thoughts with children of a similar age, interacting and socialising. The right activities also need to be put in place, on their level with children that are on the same level so that they are able to develop their language at a steady place. Review and identify the particular issues and implications of own work setting for children and young people’s speech, language and communication The children in a setting need much support. Children need the time to communicate and not let the adult feel the gap for them. Instead of ending the sentence for a child, the child needs time to finish it. Children need to be
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