Language Study: English

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At a first approximation, language means any system of symbolic signs used for social intercommunication, that is to say, any system of signs which serves to express and communicate ideas and feelings and content of consciousness. Below are a few examples:
Idiom is a faulty style construction of language, which can give rise to ambiguity, multivocality, confusion.
Example: Sick as a dog.
Analogy is the correspondence and resemblance between two or more events, objects, concepts; it can be the study of a method based on the analogy between this system and another known system, partial similarity of form or content of two elements of language that causes one to change under the influence of the other.
Example: Life is like a box of chocolates.
Metaphor is a figure of speech resulting from a comparison implied by substituting the word-object compared to word-picture. It only makes sense when the similarities between the two things become apparent or someone understands the connection.
Example: You are my sunshine.
Simile is an examination of two or more things or phenomenons being made in order to determine similarities and differences between them; degree of comparison, adjective form which takes some categories of adverbs to show greater or lesser extent as a noun or a verb has expressed acquiring or feature that adjective or adverb.
Example: As cold as ice.
Cliché is a stylistic formula, an expression trivialized because of excessive repetition, pattern, phrase
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