Language, Subsistence Practices, Kinship And Descent, Marriage And Household, And Culture

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In this paper I will be discussing in-depth the Maori people. I will include a short background and a quick summary of history and then describe a few aspects of their culture including: language, subsistence practices, kinship and descent, marriage and household, beliefs and worship, and a unique cultural practice.
The Maori, culturally Polynesians, are the indigenous inhabitants of New Zealand. The people who call themselves the Maori are originally from the Polynesian islands and settled in New Zealand around the 13th century. The tribes of the Maori did not identify themselves by a collective name until European settlers arrived and then the use of the name Maori, which means ‘ordinary’ came into use. The Maori today make up about 15% (565,329 people) of New Zealand’s population with the majority living in urban area, while there are still few who live in the ancestral tribal areas. Many also live overseas with 70,000 in Australia and 10,000 in England.
Around 1300 AD, a great migration of people set sail for what is now New Zealand. These people came in seven very large canoes called Waka which were built to withstand rough seas and carry many people including all of their possessions over long journeys. The present-day Maori people can trace their origins to the various Waka. The settlers from each Waka separated into tribes called “iwi”. As time went on and population grew, the people spread out through the land and created a social structure with iwi (tribes), hapu…
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