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The Power Of Language What is the meaning of language? How big the role of language in your life? Have you ever realize the impact of language in your life? In my opinion, language is not as simple as people seen in general. Usually the way people see language just as a tool for communicating with others. For me, behind the general usage of language, it also has a big role in our life because a language has the power to stand and show each person’s identity. Inside the Gloria Anzaldua’s essay “How To Tame A Wild Tongue” and Amy Tan’s essay “Mother Tongue” claim that language is an identity. Because they show that language which they commonly use to communicate since the day they were born, showing who are they really are. Language as identity is very arguing phrases, it can be approach from a different perspective. This thing is exactly what are both of these essays are trying to do by approaching differently and using a different tone. Their life and experience give an impact to the way they interpret that language is an identity, and it also seen in each of their essays. In her essay’s, “How To Tame A Wild Tounge”, Gloria Anzaldua discusses her experience in finding her identity as a Hispanic. At the beginning of her essay’s she open it with her unpleasant experience with a dentist that almost lost his temper, it is because Anzaldua obstinate. So, aggressive and attacking tone seen on her essay. Besides that, she tells us that “she is being pressured and oppressed by the

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