Language, Upbringing And Group Acceptance

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Language, Upbringing and Group Acceptance “Language is everything and everywhere” (Wallace, 390). The idea of language brings forth thoughts of different words, sounds and meanings. Try to imagine a day where language is not used is nearly impossible. Communication and relationships would cease to exist without any form of language, spoken, written and even body language, are all necessities in our everyday life. David Foster Wallace’s, “Authority and American Usage” and Richard Rodriguez’s, “The Achievement of Desire” communicate the importance that language has on our lives. This conversation regarding language and its importance brings up the questions of what exactly is the impact it has? It is critical to understand that the way a…show more content…
Yet a scholarship student does not have this, his parents struggled to get an education, are not proficient in English and taught their children more than one language growing up. Students who experience an upbringing with a language, other than English, find that they have to put more effort into their studies. Many students that are brought up with an immigrant family are exposed to both English and their parents native language. For such a young child who is grasping at any new knowledge, it leads to confusion. The two languages tend to merge into one large mix, a popular example is Spanglish, where a sentence might largely be Spanish but with a few English words. These students tend to only really know English words rather than the grammar and rules behind the language, since before they enter school their main educator is their parents, who themselves are not proficient in English. Once these types of students begin their academic career, it is only then do they realize that they are at a disadvantage compared to students with an upbringing of Standard Written English. I can recall coming home from elementary school with a reading and math assignment that I needed help with. I turned to the only other authority figure I knew besides my teacher, my parents like most young students do. My father could not comprehend an elementary reading passage
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