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* In the educational field, the teaching learning cycle is a model used in contemporary teaching in both school and adult educational settings. Rothery (1996 in Derewianka & Jones 2012, pg 43) who originally developed the model used this to aim at disadvantaged children for teaching literacy and writing in the KLA (Key learning areas) who were from socially disadvantaged areas. Over time the model has been phased across other areas of the English language such as listening, speaking, reading as well as writing. The key involvement of the teacher also known as ‘expert other’ in the teaching learning cycle is guiding the learner to understand key concepts in academic literacy through use of scaffolding strategies to transform students…show more content…
In this stage some activities that teachers implement are group work activities where student can interact with one another including the teacher in developing a written text using formal academic literature from being shown before when modeling the genre. Also known as macro scaffolding when the teacher plans out goals for the classroom based on the students’ prior knowledge and newfound information (Hammond & Gibbons 2005, pg 12). This stage is an important stage as students are working together and developing their knowledge together. This is also known as ZOP (zone of proximal development). According to Vygotsky’s theory citied in Salmon (2008 pg 457) it is the student levels level of understanding and where their potential of understanding can be through times of social interaction and the task being set. So in context of joint construction stage when students work together and with the teacher scaffolding their writing they are building upon their own knowledge and knowledge they have learnt from the field to contribute to the topic (Kozulin 2003). This is also influenced in the other stages of the learning cycle. Another strategy in scaffolding is interactional scaffolding where the teacher can prompt students to think, which then leads to them working together in building the field and contributing effectively during joint construction. For e.g. if the task set was writing a report the teacher can
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