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Language & Lexicon The author of this paper is asked to cover four major questions. First, the author is asked to define language and lexicon. Second, the author is asked to define the key features of language. Third, the author is asked to describe the four levels of language structure and processing. Finally, the author is asked to analyze the role of language processing in cognitive psychology (Stanford, 2013)(Answers, 2013). Define Language & Lexicon Language and lexicon are similar but not quite the same. Language is a collection of words, their pronunciation, and the methods whereby the words can be combined to form communicative phrases that can be shared, and understood by, the community. Lexicon is a very similar but is a little more focused and drills down a bit more. It typically refers to a book containing an alphabetical arrangement of words in a language and their associated definitions. In other words, language are the base words and how they are stringed together and lexicon is what they all mean given how they are used and when (Merriam-Webster, 2013). What a single word means in the language and lexicon sense over time and what it can pertain to can be vary a lot. For example, the word "bitch" used to refer only to a female dog but it has since become synonymous with a slur against women and complaining. In the same sense, the word "pimp" used to refer only to a man who manages one or more prostitutes but it is now a compliment directed toward

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