Language and Social Learning Theory

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My Life: The first thing I would want to discuss is the huge debate among nature vs nature. There have been many debates over this topic and still to this day people have not come together with a conclusion. I personally was leaning toward there was no difference because of the finding I have read about over the last few years. I thought there was no difference because it was based upon the area you were in and not so much what your parents had thought you through the years. I think children are born with clean slates and this has been proven in the past. In the readings I have found on the internet children usually gravitate towards the area their currently in as well as the people in that area. As far as having experience with this particular subject I can only go by what I observed over the last few years. I have seen children from different states act a certain way and the other children in that same area follow suite. This is how the children are, one will start a trend and another will follow. However, if that child comes to visit here in Tennessee, in my city for example, they might not get the small town ways. Like here the
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