Languages Are Learned Mainly Through Imitation

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CHAPTER 7 POPULAR IDEAS ABOUT LANGUAGE LEARNING: FACTS AND OPINIONS 1. Language are learned mainly through imitation. Leaners produce many novel sentences that they could not have heard before. Children do not imitate everything they hear, but often selectively imitate certain words or structures that they are in the process of learning. Second language learners produce many sentences that they could not have heard. They are like children learning their first language. 2. Parents usually correct young children when they make grammatical errors. There is considerable variation in extent to which parents correct their children’s speech. When children are very young preschoolers, parents rarely comment on grammatical…show more content…
Among these are the personal characteristics of the learner, the structure of the native and target languages, opportunities for interaction with speakers of the target language, and access to correction and form-focused instruction. Teachers do not have control over all these factors. However, a better understanding of them will permit teachers and learners to make the most of the time they spend together in the processes of teaching and learning a second language. REFERENCE Lightbown, Patsy M. 2001. How Language Are Learned. Revised Edition. Oxford. Posted 11th July by Suprayoga \ 1. Languages are learned mainly through imitation * Neither L1 nor L2 is learned mainly through imitation. * Learners produce many novel (original) utterances in addition to language they've heard before. * Even children learning their first language imitate selectively. 2. Parents usually correct young children when they make mistakes * Parents usually focus on correcting meaning, not form (grammar and pronunciation). 3. People with high IQs are good language learners * They may have an advantage in memorizing grammar rules and vocabulary, but not in learning to use language. 4. The most important factor in second language acquisition success is motivation * Motivation is important, but there are also many other factors. * Motivation increases success, but success also increases motivation. 5. The
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