Lanie Gordon Book Report

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We added Lanie Gordon to the story as Charlie’s sister. We put her in the story because we felt that with Charlie’s story, someone had to pay the price of all the attention Charlie got and the status he had. Even when she was born, all of her parents attention was on Charlie and not on her, so she decided to run away at the age of 13 when Charlie was 20 and still living at home and getting all the attention. She was also embarrassed by her brother because of how dumb he was.
Lanie would have long, wavy copper hair; warm, chocolate eyes; olive skin; overall, she was very pretty, and was also known for being the best in her classes at school. When she ran away from home she found a new school and changed her whole outlook on life. She decided
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When Lanie finds out that Dr. Strauss, her fiance's dad, is doing his experiment on the one reason she has so many problems opening up, is afraid of being hurt and so many other problems, she is furious. Jack convinces her to meet with him to see if he remembers her. As time goes by and Charlie gets smarter, they begin to accept who they are together, a family. She also finds out that her parents were devastated when she ran away.
But, as Charlie’s mental state starts to go down hill, Lanie has a hard time coping. Her wedding is in just a few days and her brother is supposed to be there. She gets very stressed out over worrying about the wedding and her older brother. The person to help her through all this is Mrs. Jenkins and Jack, the two people she knows she can trust the most.
As Jack and Lanie’s wedding day approaches, Charlie is getting more distant and losing everything that the operation had given him. Lanie is putting the finishing touches on her dress, makeup, hair and flowers when Dr. Strauss walks in. He looks dejected as he walked over to his soon to be daughter in-law. He told her that Charlie had left; he said that he apologized to her and wished her the best of luck in her marriage but that he had to
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