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In today’s modern view, poetry has become more than just paragraphs that rhyme at the end of each sentence. If the reader has an open mind and the ability to read in between the lines, they discover more than they have bargained for. Some poems might have stories of suffering or abuse, while others contain happy times and great joy. Regardless of what the poems contains, all poems display an expression. That very moment when the writer begins his mental journey with that pen and paper is where all feelings are let out. As poetry is continues to be written, the reader begins to see patterns within each poem. On the other hand, poems have nothing at all in common with one another. A good example of this is in two poems by a famous writer by …show more content…
– Let America be America again). The poems display images of hardship and frustration. They both speak of a difference within races and also what the life in America is different from the eyes of someone who isn’t white.
There are also many differences within the two poems, “ Theme for English B and Let America be America again.” The first poem explains the life of a twenty two year old person who is in school through the eyes of an outside narrator. The narrator describes that he has desires and needs just like anyone else, but that all depends on the color of your skin. It even gets to the point where it’s possible that his opinions that he states are “colored.” (So will my page be colored that I write? – theme for English B.). He later explains that no matter how separated things can be, there is always a connection between people from all walks of life. In the other poem, “ let America be America again” is about what the country stands for but with an ironic twist. Hughes supports this element with examples of metaphor and his monologues reinforce what he states in the poem. (There’s never been equality for me, or freedom in this “homeland of the free”.
The life of Langston Hughes was not an easy one. His mother and father separated some time soon after he was born. Mostly his mother in Kansas and his father who tried to discourage him from writing when Hughes went to Mexico some time later raised him.
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