Lanzones Peelings as Mosquito Coil

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Chapter I Introduction to the Study Chapter One is composed of six parts : (1) Background of the study, (2) Theoretical Framework, (3) Statement of the Problem and Hypothesis, (4) Significance of the Study, (5) Delimitation of the Study, and (6) Definition of Terms. Part One, Background of the study, justifies the need for conducting the study and discusses the choice for the problem. Part Two, Theoretical Framework, presents the related studies from where the present investigation was based. Part Two, Statement of the Problem and Hypothesis, includes the general objective of the study, the specific question which the study seeks to answer and the hypotheses to be tested. Part Three, Significance of the Study, discusses the importance…show more content…
Because of this, people’s health is at risk by having disease caused by mosquito bites such as malaria and dengue. There are other diseases also that people could get not just by means of mosquito bites like cancer, lung defects and digestive problem. This disease is caused by improper disposal of materials. These horrible facts should be prevented by any means such as decreasing the production of waste materials (Mosquito-borne diseases, 2008). Lanzones is a seasonal fruit in the Philippines. This is abundant in the month of September to November. This fruit is rich in vitamin C and a high nutritional value with its seeds and peel. The fruit peel is dried and burn to repel mosquitoes, it is also used to treat intestinal parasites and diarrhea. Powdered seeds are used to treat fever and bark is also used to treat malaria and scorpion stings. Lanzones is a gold-colored, extra sweet fruit that grows in the North Central coast of Mindanao. It’s also a major product in Camiguin. In fact, it is one of the main source of income of the residents. Although fruit can be found in other places around the country, many love Camiguin’s Lanzones for it’s sweet, perfect taste. Since, fruit has been a chief source of livehood, residents observe the lanzones festival as a form of thanksgiving (Lanzones Festival this weekend in Camiguin, 2009). Theoretical Framework According to Specker (1992), mosquitoes were once among the most notorious of insects.

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