Laptops in Classrooms as a Means of Learning Hindrance and Distraction

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During the last decades, laptops have become standard learning tools in university and college classrooms. Since today’s students’ are high-technology demanding and tech savvy, laptops manufacturers and engineers are constantly thinking of unique ways to design their products. With advanced functions and specifications, laptops can do various activities and educational tasks for students. Also, as technology advances, yesterday’s laptops are less expensive compared to today’s and tomorrow’s which allows every student to afford a laptop. However, educational institutions are concern about whether laptops in class hinder or facilitate students’ learning. Overtime, new technology and devices have been noticed to weaken student performance in …show more content…
Today, many campuses offer free Wi-Fi internet access in all classrooms. However, students abuse the advantage of Wi-Fi internet availability and misuse their laptops in ways that prevents them to engage and concentrate in class. Carrie B. Fried’s points out that although her research demonstrated that laptops are an effective learning tool, there was more suggestive evidence to ban laptops in class because they detract students from learning. Based on her research results, she concluded that students learning are negatively related to in-class laptop use because students spent “considerable time multitasking and that laptop use posed a significant distraction to both users and fellow students” (Computers and Technologies Journal). With Wi-Fi networks, it allows students to use the internet and do non-course related activities: check emails, play online games, visit social media networks such as Facebook and Blogger, and instant message other friends inside and outside of their current classroom. Students performing non course related activities on their laptops distract their fellow classmates as well. A student who misuses their laptop hinders their own learning as well as the learning of peers who are using their laptops appropriately. A student watching a comedy and smiling can distract another classmates’ learning and the disrespect the professor who is struggling to teach.
Class rooms that have
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