Lara Guvelioglu. Bi 108 E2. Nahomie Rodriguez-Sastre. 04/13/17.

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Lara Guvelioglu
BI 108 E2
Nahomie Rodriguez-Sastre

Bacteria Escherichia coli’s Genetic Transformation
Using Vector Plasmid DNA pGLO

The field of biotechnology involves the concept of genetic engineering, altering the DNA/genetic material of an organism using information from a different one. The process in which bacteria can obtain this manipulated genetic information from another source is called genetic transformation. The goal of this experiment was to genetically transform Escherichia coli bacteria’s DNA by inserting the vector pGLO plasmid which codes for ampicillin resistance as well as the green fluorescent protein, GFP. For the experiment, the E. coli bacteria were separated into two groups; control and
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For this experiment, E. coli was best for genetic engineering because of their size, and their fast reproduction (Spilios, 2017). E. coli will be genetically transformed using an engineered plasmid. A plasmid is a circular piece of DNA which independently replicates and multiplies because it has its own origin of replication (Spilios, 2017). The pGLO is the plasmid used in this experiment. Plasmids are used as vectors and they contain manipulated genes such as genes coding for antibiotic resistance for drugs like ampicillin. This antibiotic resistance of such serves as the selectable marker in genetic transformation and for genetic transformation to proceed, the cell must reach competency which is the physiological state that is required for the vector plasmid to get into the cell for transformation (Spilios, 2017). While competency can be reached naturally in some organism, it must be reached artificially in E. coli through treatment with CaCl2 and exposing them to heat shock using incubation (Spilios, 2017). The goal of this experiment was to investigate genetic transformation of E.coli through the reaction of organism to the vector pGLO plasmid. As mentioned, the pGLO plasmid contains genes coding for resistance to ampicillin (amp), and genes coding for production of the green fluorescent protein (GFP) which glows under UV light in the presence of arabinose (ara),which serves as a reporter gene. This green fluorescent

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