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A Death That Revealed the World’s Concealed View on Homosexuality The Laramie Project is a play written by Moises Kaufman and the members of Tectonic Theater Project. The play is based on the interviews of the citizens of Laramie about what’s happening in Laramie and their responses to the murder of Matthew. In addition to the various themes suggested by the play, the author wanted to present the varying perspectives toward homosexuality in the Laramie community at the time of Matthew’s death. The author also wanted to explore how these perspectives may have changed as the result of Matthew’s death. Even though the citizens of Laramie persisted that hate is not a value they practice, they still showed contrasting and puzzled views…show more content…
Not all citizens of Laramie conveyed a negative view towards the LGBT community. Marge Murray, together with some of the citizens, gave a notion of live and let live towards homosexuals. Marge explains,
As far as the gay issue, I don’t give a damn on one way or the other as long as they don’t bother me. And even if they did, I’d just say no thank you. And that’s the Attitude of most of the Laramie population. They might poke one if they were in a bar situation, you know, they had been drinking, they might actually smack one in the mouth, but they’d just walk away. Most of ’em, they would just say, ‘I don’t swing that way’ and whistle on about their business. Laramie is live and let live. (17)
Marge talked about how the citizens of Laramie practice a philosophy that life goes on. There are times that they are bothered, and they exchange words and even physically hurt one another; but that’s it, they won’t hold a grudge on one another. After such argument or fight, they’ll just move on and live another day. Marge pointed out that they practice the same view toward view about homosexuality; they neither reject nor accept homosexual people.
There are also some citizens of Laramie that showed acceptance towards homosexuals. Father Roger Schmit was one of them; he showed compassion and conveyed such resistance to violence
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