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November 27, 2013

Larceny is defined as the wrongful taking and carrying away of the personal goods of another from his or her possession with intent to convert them to the takers own use. To say it plainly, larceny is stealing someone else’s property. No matter what reasons there are behind stealing, it is still wrong. I imagine there are many reasons for a person to decide that it is worth the risk to steal something. There are certain people who do not think this is wrong to steal someone else’s property. A large part of this is because people do not understand who or what they are harming when they steal. Most people who commit larceny do not look at the big picture and realize what they are doing and how it affects
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An employer can prevent fraud in this situation by informing the employees that they do audit the till at the end of the shift and will find out if there is something wrong going on.
This method of cash larceny is more dangerous because an employee would have to put in a personal check to cover the balance so the till would balance .
The employee would be no better off than before they stole the cash because their check will eventually be cashed and that makes no sense to do something like that.
The company could spot the employees check during reconciliation and catch on to what they are doing even though they are replacing the money it is steal larceny at the time they take the money.
A company can avoid this situation by making it company policy that an employee cannot cash a check or pay for goods while they are on the clock working.
This policy would make it easier to detect when fraud is actually happening this way.
When people commit larceny there are always lasting effects. One of the major effects of people committing larceny by shoplifting or embezzling is on the economy. Stores have to make up for the things that people shoplift so they raise their prices for on the items being stolen therefore causing higher prices for honest paying people. If shoplifting was to stop all together, then shoplifters would not have the motive of higher prices as their excuse for
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