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The A-380 is becoming more popular as airlines look for ways to move the maximum amount of passengers for the least money (Stafford, 2006). The A380 is made in passenger or freight versions. The A380-800 is the largest passenger plane in the world. When passenger areas are divided into three classes, the A380 can seat 550 passengers. When the entire plane is designated economy class, it can seat 853 people. There is 50% more cabin floor space than the Boeing 747 because the A380s upper deck goes the entire length of the fuselage (“Airbus a380 airfield,”2011). In 2010 there were already over 30 in use and more are expected in the near future (Young & Wells, 2011, p. 473). Due to the size and weight of the aircraft, airports will have…show more content…
According to FAA Order 5300, airports may “submit Modifications of Standard (MOS) requests for review of non-standard compliance items as long as safety is not compromised”. Making modification would be much less expensive and less time consuming for the airports that are able to do them. Some design standards to allow for safe use of the A380 include blast pad dimensions to be 250 x 400 feet (“Airbus a380 airfield,”2011).
Many smaller airports will not be able to fit the larger airbus and the A380 will be limited to only the large, hub airports better able to accommodate them. Smaller airports may have to be used as feeder airports that will connect passengers to the large airports and the A380s. This could be a problem of increased congestion with the existing slot system if more connecting flights are needed and there are no more gates available or slot time (Ruehle, Goetsch, & Koch, 2006).
At this time intercontinental routes use the hub and spoke system. This method allows airlines to bundle an increased number of passengers on the flights. The draw-back is that it also leads to a more complex feeder flight schedule. Those airports with the facilities and room to support the airbuses would then become hubs for those aircraft flights. To be profitable and fill enough seats, airports with the most potential passengers would need to be paired for flights. Any delay or cancellation would have a domino effect, costing more
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