Large Lecture Class Policy

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Large Lecture Class Policy The Predominant Dilemma of Educators and Students Many policymakers nowadays are confused on what must be done in order to have quality education in a wise way. We all know that the most intriguing and most controversial issue is when we talk about the right usage of the country’s budget. This is not only happening in our country but almost all over the world. Wrong usage of funds may lead to budget cuts in the different departments of the government and one of the affected is education. Due to budget cut, heads of some state universities implemented large class policy. They say that it is the best way to give education for everyone. But, it only became a burden for students and teachers of state universities,…show more content…
The fifth finding was large class size restricts the scope of course objectives, course assignments and course-related learning outside the class room. Because of the reliance in lecture method, the course objectives were only limited to knowledge acquisition. The chance to explore the other sides of the course will be neglected. Students’ class participation is an important tool of learning. However, large class size leads to less active student involvement in the learning process. This will result to lack of student-teacher interaction and opportunities to ask and entertain questions. Another finding was students’ academic achievement which is learning, and their academic performances are lowered in courses with large size class. A study conducted in United Kingdom presented evidences on the undesirable effect of class size on students’ academic learning and performance. In this study, it was discovered that the percentage of A and B+ grades was decreased as the module enrollments increased. With this, we can conclude the inverse relationship between class size and course grades. The next finding was students report less course satisfaction in a large-sized class. A survey discovered that students in large introductory class reported higher level of dissatisfaction than they did in smaller-sized class. This also contributes to lower rates of class attendance. As Cooper and Robinson report, “We often hear
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