Large-Scale Change at Wssc

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Large-scale change at WSSC

Executive summary

This report is about Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC). WSSC was created in 1918 by the Maryland General Assembly to plan, construct, operate and maintain water and sewer services for residents and businesses in Maryland’s
Montgomery and Prince George’s countries. The bad performance of the company despite of its monopoly situation led the government to warn the company. They had to change their way of operating and this was an emergency. For that reason
John Griffin was hired as a general manager of WSSC in 1999 in order to proceed with the appropriate changes. This report focuses on the change plan that Griffin used in order to restructure the company, what
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This risk involves the scope of the project becoming larger over time. This is especially a threat in change management situations. After a period of time when many people interfere, the scope of the report change has widened so broadly as to require things like a clip art image of a giraffe on the fourth page and a coffee stain on the back. In order to avoid scope creep in change management, it is vital that the scope of the change be explicitly stated and communicated to all whom the change affects.
Griffin had to come up with the right ways to implement changes in a high-urgency situation. The time was pressing and the employees were separated between enthusiasm and resistance, while he was a totally brand new person in the organization. In order to gain the trust of the employees and credibility he used high communication levels in order to approach a low disruptive approach through the mobilize phase and gradually he proceeded to movement and sustain phase. To be more accurate he tried to create an in person open and honest communication around the organization. He tried to explain what exactly the issues were without trying to hide the truth or creating confusion about his goals; his purpose was just to make the company competitive and efficient and not just compared to other government agencies but also to the private own industry . The next step was to create the strategic business plan and so he did.
The strategic plan was ranging from business
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