Large Universities Vs. Small Universities . To Put It Quite

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Large Universities vs. Small Universities To put it quite frankly, college searches are daunting for students, parents, and even guidance counselors. With a plethora of universities offering a vast variety of courses and degrees available, searching for one to settle down on can easily become a quagmire for some. One of the biggest decisions to be made in this situation is the size of the university. Although at first glance it may seem like a negligible detail, in fact, it can make or break a student’s college experience. Large colleges have an incredible amount of majors to offer students, while smaller ones may not have as many, yet find a way to tailor to individual students. By that same token, large universities can have several…show more content…
The difference, besides the point that the University of Central Florida is more like Blue Mountain State than a true institution, is that the University of Central Florida offers over 100 majors, ranging from real estate, to theatre-studio management track, all the way to biotechnology. Yale, on the other hand, only had 53 majors as of 2015. Therefore, as a student who has groundwork all laid out, it may be easier to go to a school where their major even exists, whereas an undeclared student would perhaps prefer a school with limited yet welcoming options. Smaller universities, although having limited options also may offer the idea of independent-study or may tailor a major towards a small group of students with a specific subject matter in mind-something far from possible in an enormous school. In fact, Yale’s undergraduate page reads, “Not yet sure what you want to do with your life? Don’t worry. You have time. Most Yale students wait until sophomore year before declaring a major.” Therefore proving the idea that a smaller school allows more academic freedom for students, which may be important to some. With many majors, it is not surprising that larger universities are given more updated research facilities and more research funding than a smaller school. On the contrary, reputable universities (such as John Hopkins, Yale, Amherst College, MIT, the standard “miracle” schools) are given more credit in general when

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