Larkspur Middle School Research Paper

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Do you remember the pep-rallies from sixth grade? Remember how we sixth graders could not wait until seventh grade to sit on the bleachers instead of the gym floor? Back in 2013, Larkspur Middle School got rid of pep-rallies since it was a safety hazard to have too many people in the gym at the same time. Instead, they replaced pep-rallies with spirit parades, so teams parade around the school for about fifteen minutes and basically back up the whole school day. I think the best way to bring school spirit back at Larkspur is to get rid of spirit parades, bring pep-rallies back, and hold them outside. First of all, spirit parades take too long and the hallway gets crowded quickly. When all the classes were lined up along the lockers, it always got hot so fast. We had to stand up for about fifteen minutes while being squished together. For example, it took a while for it to start, and it only lasted for about five minutes. Spirit parades effected teachers, too. These parades cut into valuable class time. Plus, teachers had to wait for their students who were in the parade to come back. Spirit parades were probably worst for elective teachers and eight grade students and teachers. First elective classes like academic support,…show more content…
The main reason why Larkspur had to get rid of pep-rallies was because the gym was too packed. There were not enough seats in the gym, so sixth graders had to sit on the floor, while seventh and eighth graders had to sit on the bleachers. The crowdedness of the gym really had an effect on the departure of leaving the gym. All the classes had to leave one-by-one through the maze of all the students. This led to the fire department safety rule of only having a certain number or people in one place at one time since it is a fire hazard. If a fire were to occur in the gym, then there would only be about seven exits. These exits would not be easy to access since the pep-rallies were only on one side of the
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