Larry Flynt: Confronting Sex and Politics in America Essay

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Larry Flynt: Confronting Sex and Politics in America

What has changed in the media and political culture? Why is exploitation of sex and politics on front burner of the American agenda? The private matters of the President were once just that — private matters. Now they are published and are accessible to the American public by way of the Starr Report ( the mainstream media. The impeachment of the President symbolizes the pinnacle of the integration of sex and politics by the media.

Flynt’s cravings for power and his obsession with sex have inspired his actions. The impeachment trials created an atmosphere in which a porn king, Larry Flynt, was able to capture the attention of the American public.
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We wanted to illuminate the scorched bottom of the kettle as it shrilly called the pot black. The exposure of hidden shadows in the lives of Georgia's Bob Barr and Speaker Designate Bob Livingston of Louisiana highlighted the truth that the governing body railroading Bill Clinton was made up of frauds who might easily have been his partners in slime."
- Larry Flynt

Larry Flynt's purpose during the impeachment trial was to expose that the moral high ground that the GOP Congresspersons stood on was a façade, and in actuality they lacked as many (if not more) morals as the President. Since the Republicans made it fair game to drudge up the sex life of the President, Flynt believed that he would give them a dose of their own medicine. He exploited many Republicans’ private lives in order to prove their immorality. For years, Flynt has been under the scrutiny of Republican for his indecent behavior, but the impeachment trial allowed Flynt to openly criticize the behavior of the Republicans in a national forum. This criticism helped him to boost his own reputation.

Flynt issued this information to the American public in a number of ways. He invested of $85,000 for a Washington Post ad offering a million dollars for information about an "adulterous sexual encounter with

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