Lars And The Lottery Analysis

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A community is a group of people living in the same place while having a feeling of fellowship towards each other because of common attitudes, goals, and interests. A healthy community has attributes of membership, influence, and shared emotional connection. As Tuttle states, “it takes partnerships and collaborations to make changes to the community environment and is working to ensure to entire community lives a healthy lifestyle” (28). The membership aspect is about feeling that one belongs or are wanted. Influence is the sense that one has a say in the community issues that affect everyone and that personal opinions are appreciated. A shared emotional connection is the part of shared history or a sense of the community’s quality of…show more content…
Lars starts to introduce Bianca as his girlfriend to the community. Everyone is concerned for Lars’ health and decides to play along and treat Bianca as a real person. This helps Lars converse with more people and cope with his social problems. This feeling of love is shown for Lars by making Bianca seem real to everyone. One morning Lars says that he has found Bianca unconscious and an ambulance brings her to the hospital. Bianca eventually passes away in Lars’ arms and there is a full funeral held for her where all the community comes together. The short story, “The Lottery” is about villagers in a small community who gather together in the town square for the town lottery. The children of the village had just finished school for the summer and gather stones to put in a pile, followed by the men, and then the women. There are 300 people in this village so the lottery is only a couple hours compared to other towns. Mr. Summers is the man who conducts the lottery, who has no kids and wife is considered unpleasant. His assistant is Mr. Graves who helps Mr. Summers to the spot where a very old black box is placed. The black box contains slips of paper for everyone in town and is noted to be even older than the towns oldest citizen, Old Man Warner. Before the start of the lottery list of the heads of households, family members, and heads of
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