Lars And The Real Girl

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The film Lars and The Real Girl is revolved around a withdrawn man who longs for a meaningful relationship after years of abandonment. The story is heartwarming and implements openness to change and acceptance. Lars’s character and his relationships with the real girl and the community’s response played a major part in his crisis. The movie gave a good demonstration that implemented an unconventional alternative to help Lars. Lars’ disinterest in relationships, his childhood trauma, and triggers of distress played an important part in creating a formulation as to what has happened to him, rather than what was wrong with him. In the beginning of the movie, Lars is a painfully shy and eccentric individual. He has troubles with relating to people and often avoids contact with others. His disinterest in connecting with others and forming relationships is the fear of being abandonment. His mother’s death at childbirth has triggered his fear and anxiety and is thus heightened by Karin’s pregnancy with Gus. He has also felt abandonment from his father for not filling that void that he longed for emotionally.
The high level of emotional detachment from both of his parents makes Lars ultimately avoidant in being a part of his family and preference to being by himself all of the time. Although Lars prefers spending time alone, he is portrayed as a kind, sweet, and considerate person. Throughout the movie he shows concern for the women that are currently in his life. As stated
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