Lars and the Real Girl

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Nick DeCandio
Lars and the real girl
December 5,2011

The character of Lars seems to be a fantastical person who couldn’t really exist in real life. Truth is, there are many people like him who struggle to have relationships with others due to mental illness. Lars is able to find a way to channel his insecurities of personal relationships onto Bianca, whom is a realistic looking sex doll. Ironically, Lars never has sex with Bianca, he treats her as a real human being and forces his community to accept Bianca in ways he never imagined. This acceptance from the community turns out to effect how Lars views Bianca over time, and they unknowingly help Lars grow to have feelings for a real girl named Margot.
Community is a very important
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There does not seem to be any signs in the film of the abreactive phase, for this is when the patient the client acts out and re-experiences a traumatic event through transference or confronting the person associated with the experience. Perhaps this phase was represented when Lars is in the doctors office and he feels nausea due to the conversation of Bianca not being able to have children. His actions in this scene suggest a horrific trauma going through his mind, which makes him so anxious.
Eventually, Lars decides on his own that Bianca needs to die. In his mind, he believes that she is actually dying. This is known as the reconstruction phase. Lars is realizing his behavior is destructive towards himself and he must change in order to heal himself fully. This can be viewed as a child going through puberty. He has grown away from his toy and can know proceed to use what he has learned of relationships for Margot. The final stage of integration comes at the funeral of Bianca. Lars finally can move into a real relationship with another person and integrate himself into the real society without fantastical relations for the

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