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Conclusion According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the term “technology” is defined as, “the use of science in industry, engineering, etc., to invent useful things or to solve problems”. New technologies emerge every day, but in 1989, one of the most useful technologies had become available to the general public – the World Wide Web. With the use of computer and the World Wide Web (better known as the internet), most of the people in the world are given access to almost anything at their fingertips – including online or distance education. The majority of Americans now have hectic schedules, whether it is working multiple jobs, or staying home and taking care of the kids, life can obstruct the view of completing their education.…show more content…
Even with these disadvantages, Massive Open Online Courses are still a positive aspect for the current and future online students because with the free and easily accessible MOOCS classes, perspective online students have an alternative to education and it’s free! In order for the online universities to stay competitive, it is likely that MOOCS may force online universities to significantly lower online courses that are for credit (Casement, 2013). With all the publicity over online courses, great professors alike have been determined to find out whether online courses are just as effective as face-to-face classes. There have been some controversies over the situation; therefore, several studies have been made. One study by Adam Driscoll, Karl Jicha, Andrea Hunt, Lisa Tichavsky, and Greatchen Thompson shows that given the appropriate pedagogy or instruction, online courses is just as an effective teaching format as face-to-face classes (Driscoll, Jicha, Hunt, Tichavsky, & Thompson, 2012). The study showed that when comparing online courses against face-to-face courses, the midterm scores for both teaching platforms are the same. Given that the GPA of the students is taken into consideration, the test grades do not improve or become worse when the class is taken online. The same study showed that when comparing online courses to face-to-face courses, the student satisfaction does not increase or decrease when

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