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Genetically Modified Organisms | in Food | | Team Members: | | Team Leader: Brenda Brown | Outline Abstract by Brenda Brown and Tony Balch 3 Thesis Statement and Summary by Kelly Baker and Brenda Brown 4 GMO Technology by Vanessa Brogsdale 5 I. What are GMO’S? II. Scientific Techniques and Experiments History of GMO by Vanessa Brogsdale 12 I. Biotechnology Timeline II. Advantages and Disadvantages Political and Legal Issues by Brenda Brown 16 I. U.S. Laws and Regulations II. Current Political Issues III. What are the Possible Health Effects of GM FOODS? The Effect of GMO’S on the Economy by Brenda Brown 22 I. Corporate Power II. The Effects of Farming GM Crops…show more content…
Humans no longer simply select from variations present in the population: they create new variations! Some find our new power exciting. They dream of crops with greater resistance to disease and insect pests, pigs with healthy fats, and a level of agricultural production sufficient to feed everyone on the planet. Others fear that we have crossed an important boundary and are now tinkering with living systems that we understand incompletely. They question our ability to predict the consequences of our actions and are afraid that we may disrupt the delicate natural order. GMO Technology I. What Are GMOs? GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are plants, animals, viruses and bacteria that are created in the laboratory. Their DNA (genes) has been modified through the use of gene splicing techniques in a desire to create “new” organisms. The technology involves removing the DNA of one species and inserting it into another species, resulting in new and different varieties of plant, animal, viral and bacterial genes which don’t naturally occur in nature or by hybridizing (Smith, 2012, para. 7). Other names for the technology are “modern technology or gene technology,” genetic engineering or recombinant DNA technology, and biotechnology (World Health Organization (WHO), 2012, para. 2). GMOs are used to create genetically modified plants which in turn are used to create genetically modified

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