Las Ruinas Del Corazon

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When one would finish reading Las Ruinas Del Corazon by Eric Gamalinda, the first reaction, amongst many others, would be disgust. The most evident and common reaction from the readers would most likely be abhorrence and revulsion, or any response related to those. But why? What is it in this poem that causes these reactions? How do we get and understand what Eric Gamalinda is trying to say, and at the same time, get the same negative reaction from all the readers? Eric Gamalinda should be applauded because of his use of imagery in Las Ruinas Del Corazon is very striking. With his use of imagery, every reader is able to picture the same kind of scenario he intended to project to his
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Some would consider these words to be deep, and Gamalinda probably wants to portray that Juana the Mad’s love, the love that she thinks she has, is as deep as the words that he used to portray the dramatic situation.

In Gamalinda’s case, his writing technique strongly uses imagery in this selection because this is a way for him to be able to convey his message in a stronger and deeper manner. Also, this is for him to be able to evoke certain emotions from his readers by the use of his choice of words.

It is very visible in the poem that Juana the Mad wants her love with Philip the Handsome to prevail. She wants their love to last forever, which explains the carving of the song unto the marble, as the lines go “but before she did, she asked the poets to record these moments/ in song, and the architects to carve the song in marble,” (29-30). The poem also shows that she is still possessive of him by the lines of “and the marble to be selected from the most secret veins/ of the earth and placed where no man could see it” (31-32). She wants it to be hidden and tucked away, for the marble to be seen for her eyes only. This shows signs of possessive kind of love.

Juana the Mad’s love in the initial part of the poem is undeniably acceptable, especially with the fact that her husband is out “annexing more kingdoms” (5) and she, acts like a helpless housewife.
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