Las Vegas: How Do People Affect The Environment?

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The variety of people in Vegas makes it very difficult to judge how people affect the environment individually but overall this once bare dessert was turned into a “paradise” for gamblers and everyday people to waste money and increase the wealth of the owners and associates and in turn making a “moneymaking machine” which happens to be in the desert which makes the upkeep of this “paradise” very difficult and expensive. This also makes the human environmental interaction very harmful to the environment considering millions of dollars are used just for the Bellagio fountain. The entirety of Vegas is located in Nevada with a absolute location of around 36N 115W and a relative location right of California and left of Utah. The city of Las Vegas, NV has an absolute location of 36.1699° N Latitude, 115.1398° W Longitude. With a relative location 15.2 miles northeast of Henderson, NV which is 763.2 miles east southeast from Denver, Co. From MRHS…show more content…
After manifest destiny the area was bare for some time until A city built in the 1900’s named Clark County, Nevada. The many groups of people flocked there after the casinos were built in the 1930’s and 1940’s with the help of mob bosses and mafia members who helped build the first casinos and nightclubs on the Las Vegas Strip itself which was tied to many other criminal activities since then and involved the mafia for a long period of time, although the activity hasn't changed much since other than the many different people who come and go, the ties to criminal activities are now obsolete. Also the population skyrocketed in that time and so did tourist attraction because originally it was a town people would pass on their way else were mostly but the popularity of the city changed that. The modern Las Vegas has remained extremely similar to the 1989 Vegas and remains a “megasort” type of city in its own “megasort
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