Las Vegas Is A City Of The Strip Essay

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Las Vegas is a city that is widely known for its casinos, gambling, alcohol, wild parties, and live entertainment (which usually just entails strippers). It is known as being most adult’s fantasy playground come alive, and because of this it has been dubbed as “Sin City.” Because of its nickname, and the way it is constantly being portrayed in the media it’s easy to see why non-locals can find it difficult to imagine there being any type of ordinary life occurring outside of the infamous Strip that isn’t at all entwined with the glitz and glamour that one correlates with Las Vegas. Sin City locals, on the other hand, can most definitely vouch for there being life outside of the Strip, but also for there being no life outside of it. So much emphasis and attention is placed on the Strip that many locals feel that their life outside of it isn’t as commemorative, and because of this they see no point in taking the time to enjoy their life here in Sin City. In order for locals to enjoy their life in Vegas ad be able to get the most out of it they must first accept that the fact that they live in a tourist town, set aside their own insider views for a moment to be able to look at the city through the eyes of a tourist, and learn to appreciate the life that there is outside and inside of the Strip. The first step that needs to be taken to appreciate your life here in Las Vegas is to accept that fact that you live in Las Vegas. By this I mean that you have to accept the fact that

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