Las Vegas, The Original City Of Sin

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Las Vegas, the original “City of Sin” (Bull 2). Marketing campaigns flaunt the idea that “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas (Bull 4).” Now known for its attitude of permissiveness, especially regarding sexual behavior, Las Vegas has grown tremendously from its humble beginnings as a simple rail stop between Los Angeles and Salt Lake City (Bull 2). In 1911, with a population of just over 2,000, Las Vegas was incorporated and its first mayor elected. Fast forward twenty years, and the population has almost quadrupled and gambling is legalized. Reminiscent of a perfect storm, the setting was ripe for exploitation: Las Vegas was distanced from other towns or cities, the railroad allowed people to easily travel, and legalized gambling opened up avenues for debasement. With its remote location and legalized gambling, it was inevitable that big-time mobsters would come onto the scene. Additionally, casinos were being erected, encouraging guests to spend money and drink liquor, thus leading to uninhibited behavior. Furthermore, by providing workers in “the oldest profession” there would be yet another way to line the pockets of the underworld figures who created the foundation for the Vegas of today. “Russell W. Belk has argued, the idea that Las Vegas provides forbidden fruit and guilty pleasures;a vital part of the city 's appeal” (Bull 4). “According to Hal Rothman, Las Vegas has a widely accepted role as a place where generations of Americans have been allowed to…

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