Las0x1 Material Management Career

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1. I, LaShana Muller, have currently served 6 years and 4 months in the Air Force. I have spent my entire career in the 2S0X1 Material Management career field with three different assignments apart from basic and technical training. I was stationed at Kunsan AB Korea from May 2011-May 2012 in the 8th Logistics Readiness Squadron as my first duty station. From May 2012-May 2014, I was stationed at Aviano AB, Italy in the 31st Logistics Readiness Squadron where I worked not only in my own career field but as a Unit Deployment Manager for a year. Finally, I was stationed at Hill AFB, Utah in the 388th MXG in June of 2014 until present.

2. After reading the medical record narrative summary I have found it to be mostly accurate. However, I want
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Lewis states in my narrative summary under history of present illness that “[I] witnessed [my] father break [my] mom’s collar bone”. When in fact, I had shared that at the age of 5 I had witnessed my father backing my mother into a corner of the kitchen with his hands around her neck. Having had an extremely bad argument, he ended up leaving her with a bruised and fractured collar bone, not broken. He also states that I had disclosed that I was “date raped as a senior in high school”. However, I was not date raped until my technical training for the military, but I was in an extremely abusive relationship in which my ex forced me into my first time, repeatedly beat me and used sex as an apology tool even when it was unwanted. I took multiple pregnancy tests within a month out of fear. Furthermore, as stated, I was forced to file an unrestricted report with the SARC while stationed at Hill AFB regarding a rape that had occurred in Korea and did deal with “numerous” assaults in addition to a few rapes. Dr. Lewis, barely touches on the subject on my eating disorder in which, although did start during my adolescence, increased tremendously following my in-service…show more content…
I feel I have exhausted all medical means at this time. I have seen several providers since 2013 on and off. As well as, trialed numerous anti-depressant, sleep aids, and anxiety medications. I have continued to exhibit and experience many depressive, post-traumatic, and anxious symptoms to include suicidal tendencies and hypervigilance. I still continue to struggle with my eating disorder, where I will go days without eating and then over indulge causing my weight to drastically fluctuate within short time frames. Although I have not found relief through my traumatic experiences, I found that even one missed appointment from speaking with my off base counselor has caused me to go backwards. During my maternity leave, while out of state, I contacted him numerous times with issues that arose. Additionally, although some of the medications have increased suicidal tendencies, missing even a day, I go backwards without continuation. Moreover, I have had an extremely difficult time getting more than 3 hours of sleep due to anxiety and night terrors. My new medication for insomnia has been allowing me to sleep longer hours but has not stopped my night
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