Laser Cookbook By Gordon Mccomb

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Laser Cookbook by Gordon McComb (1988) explains the idea of lasers, staring by how they work, form of lasers and how lasers are tremendously being used these days. My research question “How lasers are powerful flashlight” is being specifically answered and explained by the relevant information in this book. McComb is a professional author. The biography at the end of book his demonstrates his proficiency in his field of writing book that are about science and technology. McComb has be writing books about science for about 30 years one of most common book is “laser Cookbook” this due to his avid of how laser work. His books have published by many popular. The intend audience of the laser Cookbook is non-professional. Lasers have been explained in pure and clear way that can be understood, therefore “Laser Cookbook is suitable for my report. Laser is a shorter term for “Light amplification of stimulated emission of radiation”. Laser is device that generate powerful and coherent light. Laser functions by the process of amplification of light and simulated emission of radiation. Laser are formed in all types of matter gas, solid and liquid, example of lasers that are commonly used are “Supermarket Scanning Systems, DVD player, medicine usages, lighting shows, laser printers and Communications system” just to name few. McComb (1988, p.3) demonstrated how laser work by referring to neon tube that activity atom and photons to make laser light. Also, McComb (1988, p.3) refers to

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