Laser Vein Therapy Research Paper

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Laser vein therapy is a non-invasive treatment that is used to eliminate unsightly and unhealthy blood vessels from all over the body. It uses intense, pulsed light that passes through the skin and creates heat inside the affected vein. The pulse is only for a fraction of a second so too much heat is not generated. The pigment in the blood absorbs the heat energy, which in turn damages the wall of the vessel without damaging the nearby tissue. The unwanted vein is destroyed and the blood flows through other, healthy veins. The damaged vein is reabsorbed by the body and eventually disappears. Laser vein therapy is safe for treating sensitive areas such as the upper lip, nose and cheeks. Some of the other issues that may be treated are: • The…show more content…
Called endovenous laser treatment, the procedure involves a tiny incision through which a catheter is inserted. The laser fiber is threaded into the catheter and it is removed. The quick pulse of laser light also destroys the vein wall and coagulates the blood in the vein being treated. The laser fiber is removed and the damaged vein collapses. Our specialist may use a duplex ultrasound test to find the exact point where the varicose vein begins. This treatment is also less painful than vein stripping and has a short recovery time. You may be asked to wear compression stockings for a week or two to help compress the treated vein. It will gradually be absorbed by your body and disappear. During a consultation with our expert, your venous issues will be examined and a treatment may be recommended. Spider veins do not have symptoms and are mostly a cosmetic concern. However, before treating spider veins, our specialist will do further investigation to make sure you do not have any varicose veins deeper in your leg. Laser vein therapy is a relatively quick and painless way to get rid of unsightly reticular or spider veins on almost any part of your
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