Last Day Of School

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School is all about working and learning, so having a fun part in it is pretty rare.But no matter what we do or when we do it at the end of the day there is always a time of fun.Well, mines start out pretty chaotic.There was sweat all over my forehead I could feel the sun burning my skin cells as pounded into the black doors of the school.I could feel the positivity everywhere and happiness on the faces of the hot sweaty students.You might be wondering why?It was the last day of school no more homework, test, quizzes, and classwork.By this time I was walking up the stairs into homeroom.Thankfully I had a nice teacher and for the last day, he let us do whatever we wanted.I know right sounds like it's been forever since someone said that! I slapped myself as I sat on the hot greasy set to make sure that is wasn’t a dream.I ran to my friend and I could see the excitement on their faces.All I knew at that point was the day was gonna be a great day.We went on to play some card and we're just wanted to enjoy the time we had left together.We played a variety of card games, like spit, signal, spoons, and others.We all were so grateful for having time to play with each other before at the least day.It was our last chance to spend quality time as a family.At the moment I forgot about the winning and all I cared about was spending time with the people I cared about and that was the best part of it all.Playing and looking at the happy faces made me feel good about myself.The
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