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Shoaib Mirza Colleen Dieckmann ENC 1101 November 13, 2015 Last Inspirational Words Finding out that Coach Harmon won’t make it to the game was one of the most terrifying moments for Mission High School football team. He coached the Mission High School Bears for 12 years. Despite the fact that the Bears have always lost their rivalry game to Gateway High School, Coach Harmon never lost his hope in winning the golden football trophy , which was the most respected trophy in the county. We started a perfect season with 8 wins and a tie. Our team was getting ready for the big Friday game when we heard that Coach Harmon got into a car accident. Startled and bewildered, my teammates and I headed down the nearest hospital. It was really shocking…show more content…
The building where my team spent the time before the game was filled with the aroma of greasy hot dogs and cooking hamburger meat. The people preparing them watched us with the thought that we would feel defeat and get drenched in our sweat. We were there to prove them wrong and that is what we planned to do. As we got closer to game time, the building seemed to fill more with these people who had doubts about us. Gateway Bulls came onto the field, and they lit up the lights in the stadium. Fans shouted, and cheerleaders went on about their playful acts. As they walked onto the field with a better support from the audience, another type of feeling stepped into my head. We could not be outdone in any way whatsoever. Parents, brothers, sisters, and close friends all piled into the stands to see the game of the year. Our team ran out to the middle of the stadium. The essence of hatred and resentment came about in the air. The crowd came unglued from their seats. The sounds of various noisemakers filled the area. We walked onto the field with our heads high and our pride shining. The strut in our walk showed that we would not back down to anyone. The rain began and the atmosphere was filled with yelling and screams. The football field began flowing with blue and golden jersey, the rivalry game had begun. We would have to do everything perfect from our stretches to our yelling and how we walked on and off the field. Any sign that we were

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