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The production for Transformers 5: The Last Knight continues. And there is one thing in The Last Knight that makes it different in comparison to the rest of the Transformers movies. And that is because of one lonely dog. Dubbed as the loneliest dog in the world, Freya the dog stars in the franchise film.

There is nothing like a man and his dog. Although Transformers 5: The Last Knight is a robot movie, director Michael Bay is imaginative enough to pen the dog in the film. Recently, Paramount Pictures features Michael Bay showcasing Freya and her role in the movie.

“The World’s Loneliest Dog” is now a star. But before that, she lives in an animal shelter for six years. And, Screen Rant cites, she’s cast against one of the veteran actors around the world - Sir Anthony Hopkins.
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Now, the world is seeing the cuddlier side of the director. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier now has a different and better life ahead of her. According to reports, Freya had been passed over for adoption several times. In fact, about 18,000 times for the last six years. She spent most of her life at the Freshfields Animal Rescue Centre. Those who care for her call her a very loving dog. But despite being a loving dog, no one took her in. Which is why she is “The World’s Loneliest Dog.”

Now, she is a star in a movie! And Michael Bay makes sure of it. They take good care of her that even Sir Anthony Hopkins is fond of the canine.

Watch out for Transformers 5: The Last Knight as it hits theaters on June 23, 2017. But if you want to watch a Bumblebee movie spin-off instead, you definitely can! Bumblebee hits theaters on June 8, 2018. A year later, the Transformers 6 will air in cinemas on June 28,
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