Last Man Standing : Politics Texas Style

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In the following documentary, “Last Man Standing: Politics Texas Style” this film is taken place from a behind-the-scenes point of view that shows a very closely fought race in the Texas, There was an ongoing race for the House District 45. Not only did you see the ongoing race but also got to witness the governor’s race, which is Tony Sanchez against Governor Rick Perry. Also another witness Ron Kirk running for senate in Texas against John Cornyn. Overall numerous comments are proclaimed by local and nation figures in the documentary about discussion’s on politics, which really had a very intuitive background to an in depth side from running campaigns to strategies that some candidates used to attract voter to vote for them. In the documentary it primarily focused on two specific candidates running for The House District 45. First, you had Rick Green, a thirty-one year old incumbent Republican Legislator and a conservative leader that is running for reelection as House District 45. He had served two terms during the republican holder generation. Most people notice right from the beginning that he is well more experience candidate for the election, thus making people more openly trust him that he can manage the position of in which he is running for. This not only makes him more experienced through the people’s perspective but also through his campaign style and debate appearances. Another appealing interest that people see is that he is a Christian which people pick up…

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