Last Night - Original Writing

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The start of my morning way pretty shitty to say the least. Waking up alone in a big bed sucked, like really sucked. I had to start my day off knowing that I’d never see Swirly again—something I was both okay and not okay with; and to make matters worse, I had some explaining to do to Neon and Octavia, who had no idea where I was last night—obviously.

It was so stupid. I almost put everything on the line, and for what? A taste of vengeance? A destroyed heart? Loss? Pfft, if I had known I was gonna get all that, I would’ve stayed with Octavia last night and comfort her—essentially destroying my dreams, which would wreck my heart completely, losing them, and try and have my way with her. That would’ve been one helluva night if it had turned out that way.

Getting my ass out of bed, I headed to the restroom to wash my face, and fix my mane since it was an utter mess. I looked at myself in the mirror, seeing the one thing I hated most: Myself. After washing my face and getting my mane in check, I grabbed my shades from the nightstand and made a beeline to the door. There wasn’t anything else for me here, aside from memories that would haunt me for the rest of my stupid life.

I closed the door, and, this time, I really didn’t look back again.

By the time I had gotten to my hotel room, it must have been close to noon. I wondered what Octavia was doing, and what she was thinking, and, most importantly, what shit Neon was going to give me. Either way, I had to face the music…

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