Last Night in Salzburg, Austria Essay

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The sheer white curtains billow in through the open window with the warm night air, like the sails of a ship setting off into the night. Lying in bed, I hear the buzz of a scooter whizzing through the streets, ironically followed by the rhythmic clip-clop of horseshoes meeting the cobblestone streets. It is our last night in Salzburg, Austria, and that moment embodies what makes this city appeal to me so much. Somehow, in the midst of the chaos of the twenty-first century, Salzburg has preserved many remnants of its past while still keeping up with the times in many other ways. Pondering this, I lie in bed unable to fall asleep, as two ribbons of wind flutter through the opposing windows and collide in the center of the room shredding in…show more content…
Finally I sigh, draw the satin sheets up to my chin, and close my eyes. In my final drowsy thoughts before I surrender to sleep, I realize that this is probably the night of a lifetime. Seldom will I ever again experience such relaxation, such a profound sense of peace and security, safe with my family though we are far away from anything even remotely familiar. As I lie here gazing at the vaulted yellow ceiling high above my head, I find myself wishing that this night would never end. Suddenly, I felt the need to do something, anything to preserve it forever, even if only in my memory. Coaxing my body from the warmth of the bed, I slide down the silky sheets until my feet meet the polished wood floor.

Silently, I tiptoe across the room to the window and lean out over the empty street. The gentle breeze brushes my hair behind my shoulders as I toy with the flowers in the flowerbox perched upon the windowsill. I look up and down the narrow street. Closing my eyes, I can picture the bustling markets that blanketed its surface only hours ago. Suddenly, I feel a compulsion to look up to the sky, and in a moment of childlike imagination, I find myself completely forgetting about my limitations and imagining I can soar up through the clouds and be among the stars. I slowly take in one breath of the night air hoping to hold it forever and dreaming of leaping up to the skies high above the world. My eyes wander from the twinkling stars to the full

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