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The book begins in the middle of the French and Indian War in upper New York State near the Hudson River and Lake Chaplain. General Webb has just gotten word from an Indian that Moncalm and the French are going to attack Fort William Henry and that Colonel Munro will not be ale to keep the fort because he only has one thousand men and that he (Webb) needs to send reinforcements immediately. Upon hearing this, he ordered fifteen hundred men to be ready to march at dawn and has Cora and Alice Munro sent to their father at Fort William Henry accompanied by Major Duncan Heyward on horseback. They went along an Indian path which was to get them to Fort William Henry faster and they were lead by an Indian runner, from the time they left Fort …show more content…
At this point, Cora tells Uncas and Hawkeye, Chinachgook to swim down river and come back with rescue. About this time, they hear the shouts of the Iroquois and realize they haven’t yet been discovered. They immediately seek hiding in the cavern. They are soon discovered and taken prisoner and taken away from the island. Their former guide now in charge of the attack against them says that he will release them if Cora will become his wife. When Cora refuses, the sisters and Heyward are tied to trees and are to die before sundown. Heyward can’t stand this and gets free. Once free, he tackles their Le Renard. Heyward is soon pinned and is about to be killed when a rifle is fired and kills Le Renard. This caused a battle to break out. Iroquois after Iroquois fell to the ground dead. The Iroquois are quickly defeated and Heyward and the sisters are reunited with Uncas, Hawkeye, and Chingachgook. Once reunited, they ride to an old blockhouse where they decide to rest. They rest here until the moon comes out, then they resume their journey the Fort William Henry. By morning, they had reached the top of a mountain overlooking Fort William Henry. Form here, they plan how they will get to the fort. They see that the fog is moving in form the lake and that this is their opportunity to get to the fort unnoticed. While in the fog, they are discovered by the French and another battle breaks

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