Last Report on the Miracles of Little No Horse Essay

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Last Report On The Miracles Of No Horse:
A Review of the Literature

The focal character in this novel had many different characters throughout this touching narrative. Though the main focus was on the priest, Father Damien Modeste, he began and was actually a woman. Beginning as a young girl, Agnes Vogel née DeWitt, was also known as former Sister Cecilia of a convent in Wisconsin, widow of Berndt Vogel and lover of the piano and, more specifically, the Polish music composer, Chopin. I am going to focus on her particular love of music, piano playing and her interest in Chopin which seemed to have caused many therapeutic effects on her. Being a pianist myself, I was compelled to ask the question throughout the book, how can music
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The ancient Hebrews employed music in several recorded cases of physical and mental illness." The Chinese thinker and social philosopher named Confucius "was a great lover of music; it was his belief that music was a definite aid to harmonious living." There were also Plato and Aristotle who regarded music very highly. Plato expressed in The Republic his belief that "health in mind and body could be obtained through music." (Podolsky). Shamanism has been studied in depth with the connection to use of music therapeutically (Wigram 17). Music therapy in the United States began in the late 18th century. However, using music as a healing medium dates back to ancient times (MAM). One could continue to go on and on with so many historical examples of the therapeutic use of music on the human body. But from the humble beginnings of music, the art of composing has continued to grow drastically over time. Today there is much research and data proving scientifically that music is even more recognized for its benefits and even detriment on the physiological and psychological systems of the body (Cook). Research recently, after about 250 years of separation, is once again uniting medicine, health psychology and
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